Know the truth about bridesmaids!

Although bridesmaids have long been part of the wedding tradition, the truth is that you don’t absolutely have to  have them. In fact, you can be as “bridesmaids-less” as you want to be! What are some of the main reasons not to have bridesmaids at your wedding and why would you go for this option too? Read on and find out more:


  • Your friends and sisters probably know how much you love them – they don’t need to wear dresses in the same color/pattern/design to know this and they don’t need to hold a bouquet to feel like they are part of your Big Day.
  • In fact, most of your friends will probably be happy that you don’t want bridesmaids for your wedding – especially from a financial point of view. After all, they will not have to spend a lot of money in dresses and accessories they will most probably wear only once in their lives.
  • Having bridesmaids is a lot more stressful than it may seem at first. Coordinating all of them, making sure that all of them are happy with the dresses and with the other requests and finding the perfect gifts for all of them – now, these are time-consuming and anxiety-generating issues you don’t have to deal with if you don’t want to.
  • It’s really not worth the risk. Your bridesmaids may be your closest friends – but that doesn’t mean that stress and nervousness cannot get in between all of you. One day of fancy dresses is really not worth risking a beautiful relationship so before you ask someone to be your bridesmaid, think of the fact that there’s a very small chance that this will put a lot of tension between the two of you.

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Did you know that green is the go-to color for Spring weddings?

Spring is a marvelous season that’s full of youthfulness, energy and positive vibes. What other color would be more suitable for a Spring wedding other than green? We have gathered some amazing green wedding ideas – so make sure to read on and inspire yourself:


  • Provide your guests with healthy, green snacks and they will love them so much they will want to learn how to make them at home. A green smoothie or a green mint-pea soup could be great ideas.
  • Don’t forget to bring some greenery into the wedding table centerpieces too. Hydrangeas and white roses will look great when combined with green elements – so use your creativity and you will definitely come up with something truly beautiful.
  • Planning an outdoor/rustic wedding? Don’t go “brown” for spring! Pick fun-colored green chairs and white tables to add a touch of playfulness and a touch of “Spring” to your entire wedding.
  • Luscious, Spring green works marvelously with cakes that are on the more non-traditional side. Polka dots, stripes, flowers – they can all be successfully included in your wedding cake’s design so that it is more Spring-like.
  • Don’t forget to bring some of that Spring-like green into the wedding invitations too! There are thousands of ways you can do this – from invitations that look hand painted to invitations that include green arabesques, there’s something for just about anyone out there.

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As a bride, have you had these wedding epiphanies?

Being a bride is a truly overwhelming role to play. And yet, it is one of the most wonderful ones you will ever be “cast” in throughout your entire life too. If you want to make sure you are prepared for wedding planning, take a look at the following “wedding epiphanies” all brides have sooner or later.


  • Making a thousand-and-one decisions. Even if you don’t plan on having a big, fancy wedding, there will be a lot of things to decide on. From flowers to napkins and from your dress to the invitations, every single detail will be of the utmost importance for you. Even more than that, you will most likely talk about your wedding a lot.
  • Your groom will want to chip in. Most probably, he will do this when you expect it the least and for those wedding-related issues you expect the least too. At the same time, you might expect him to want to help you with certain things when he will not. Be as communicative as possible and make sure to make compromises when that’s needed.
  • You will be a “bridezille” – at least once. Chances are you will get really stressed out over the entire wedding planning and that you will crack. However, this is perfectly normal and the people around you will understand what you are going through.
  • You will exceed your budget on certain items. No matter how much you plan for it, there will always be that “extra” that pushes you outside of your “plan”. On the other hand, some of the wedding vendors will be more than willing to negotiate and provide you with discounts too.
  • The season does dictate everything – even if you don’t plan on having a “season-inspired theme”. Unless you want to pay tons of money for off-season flowers, food and a honeymoon on the other hemisphere, you will most probably have to guide yourself by the season’s “rules”.

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Delightfully personalize your wedding ceremony, your guests will be pleased!

Your wedding is yours so you will naturally want to personalize it as much as possible. I Do Concepts has picked up some great ideas to help you do that. Read on, inspire yourself and we guarantee your guests will be delighted with the way in which you chose to bring your own personality in the wedding:


  • Have a special, signature cocktail. With the help of a good bartender and with a bit of creativity, you can come up with a signature cocktail that will bring a dash of extra-uniqueness into the entire wedding. Also, to add even more personality, start the wedding with a pre-ceremony cocktail hour. Your guests will be more than happy with this idea!
  • Replace the bridesmaids’ bouquets with something more unique. Clutch purses, fans and a wide range of other accessories can be used to replace the traditional bouquets. Plus, if you choose a nice design, it is likely that your bridesmaids will be able to use this on other occasions too.
  • Choose a meaningful song to walk down the aisle on. “Here comes the bride” may be the most popular (and the traditional) choice, but if you want to make this moment all about your amazing story, you are more than allowed to choose another song. Pick something that means a lot to you and your future spouse and your guests will be more than touched by the idea.
  • Personalize the wedding programs. Forget about bland, white wedding programs. Use your creativity and create something that truly tells a story. There’s a sea of options out there and, with the help of a good designer, you will really be able to pull this off.

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Are you thinking of having a 1940’s themed wedding? Here are some creative ideas:

What could be more glamorous than the 1940s? Of all the decades in humanity, the 40s are by far among the most controversial, the most tumultuous and the most glamorous ones at the same time too.


A 1940s themed wedding can be extremely elegant and beautiful and if you are considering the idea, you should definitely go for it. How to do it though? How to bring a 1940s wedding to life? Here are some creative ideas to inspire you:

  • Choose the right look. Pick a dress that comes in a simple, yet elegant cut. Accessorize it with white fur (or faux fur, if you want to be animal-friendly). Bring in some sparkly, glamorous accessories. And “top” everything with a hairstyle torn out of the Golden Era Hollywood movies. Victory rolls were very popular back then, but there are other hairstyles you can definitely try – such as a sleek hairstyle complemented by a birdcage veil, for example.
  • Decorate your wedding with antiques and roses. Antique-looking vases, pieces of décor and pieces of furniture can add a lot to your theme, so do not hesitate to use them. You don’t necessarily have to use genuinely vintage furniture and décor (especially since this can get quite expensive). However, make sure that whatever you choose “fits” into the 1940s “landscape”.
  • Rent a vintage car for the getaway. Forget about getting away in your modern car – a vintage one would be much, much more appropriate for a 1940s-inspired wedding. You will truly feel like a glamorous Hollywood star in one of these cars!

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Be sure to navigate your paper trail wisely

Choosing the right wedding stationery for your Big Day can be extremely important. After all, this is the first glance your guests will take into what your wedding is all about. Same as with everything wedding-related, stationery does not make an exception when it comes to the wave of new trends. However, as you may very well be aware of, trends come and go – so creating a wedding solely according to them may not be a great idea if you want everything to be really personal.


One of the trends that has become quite popular in the last few years is that of the online wedding invitation. At first, it may seem like a really good option (especially since it can save time and money). However, traditional paper invitations may still be better for you. Why? Here are some of the reasons choosing them will be the wisest thing to do:

  • You can feel them. While design and color are surely important when it comes to wedding stationery, you should know that their “material” is equally important as well. With “real” invitations,  can feel the texture of the paper, you can see the colors “live” and you can grasp the general feeling of the invitation. You can really customize them.
  • Online invitations do allow you to customize them according to your wish – but they will never be as unique and personal as paper invitations. Just think of it for a moment: an online invitation will give you only a bunch of options to choose from (and with which you can play around). However, a paper invitation will give you almost limitless options in terms of design and style.
  • You can reap all the advantages of working directly, with a This also means that he/she will be able to advise you when it comes to wedding invitation etiquette, he/she can give you ideas and, ultimately, he/she can create something that’s 100% the way you asked it to be.

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Wedding etiquette can play a big part in how you create your gift registry

Creating a gift registry is a great idea because it will make things easier for everyone: for you because you get the chance to receive wedding gifts you actually want and for your guests because they will know what you would genuinely enjoy as well. However, same as with everything wedding-related, there are some gift registry etiquette rules you really have to keep in mind. Here are some of the most important ones:


  • Most etiquette specialists agree that having a gift registry with two, three or even four stores is more than acceptable. However, you should make sure that you choose stores that offer a variety of options for your guests (including, but not limited to, a variety of price ranges they can choose from).
  • Alternative wedding registries (such as paying for honeymoon experiences or for a down payment for a house) are still debatable when it comes to etiquette. Some specialists say that the honeymoon registries have become quite acceptable, but that the down payment options are still a bit tricky. If you know your guests are on the more “traditional” side, you may want to skip alternative registries altogether. Furthermore, even if you do offer the option of an alternative registry, make sure other types of registries are available too.
  • One thing all specialists agree with is that including registry information on your invitations is a complete “DON’T”. Instead, directing your guests to your wedding website (which can and should include wedding registry information) will be a much better option. Furthermore, avoid posting any social media “hints” about where you are registered as well because most people would consider this to be rather tacky.
  • Last, but definitely not least, remind yourself to send a heartfelt “Thank You” note! This should be done a couple of weeks after receiving the gift, so make sure to create a list and to not forget about anyone!

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